How do I register for the Meet Your Maker Closed Playtest?

Thank you for your interest in Meet Your Maker! You can follow the steps below to register for the Closed Playtest. For more information on the Closed Playtest, you can visit the FAQ article here.

1. From the Meet Your Maker homepage, click on "Sign Up To The Closed Playtest".



2. You will be redirected to the BHVR account website to sign into your BHVR account. If you do not have a BHVR account yet, click on "Sign Up" to register for one and follow the instructions to verify your account.


3. After signing in or creating a BHVR account, you will be prompted to a survey that will ask questions about your gaming habits.

Note: When you get to the part with the sliders, you will need to move all the sliders in order to progress to the next section of the survey. Leaving the sliders as they are in the middle will not allow you to click "Next".


4. Once you get to the end of the survey, hit the checkbox and click "Continue".


And you are done! Keep an eye on your inbox as emails will be sent to selected participants with further instructions. Please also be sure to check your Spam folder, as the email may end up in there.


You will also receive an email confirmation to let you know that you that your application has been successfully submitted.

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